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How did the role come about? What was that part of the process like?

I actually self-taped for the part and my first scene was Tyrell’s pep talk when he’s slapping himself in the face. The funny thing was that I could easily distinguish that this was at least a special part because then I hadn’t read anything of the script. I did the scene, and I did it basically the way it is in episode three. Then I think I did like three self-tapes and then I landed the part which was amazing.

Without seeing the pilot script, how did you know that this would be something that you would want to do?

I kind of figured because after a while they started sending more scenes and I started to understand it was quite a complex character. By then I had no idea it was going to be a journey that Tyrell has, but I mean I could see that he was complex, and it was basically the part that got me hooked first of all, and then I got to read the pilot and then I understood it was, you know, something else.

What were those early conversations with Sam Esmail were like about the show? How much did he tell you about what was to come for your character?

We talked more about the character’s back story because he’s not in the pilot so much so we talked more about the character before we shot the pilot. Then after we were picked up, Sam gave me an overall explanation of the character’s arc, and basically the first season. Basically you know the most of season one and Tyrell, but there’s always going to be like surprises and not really knowing what’s going to happen in the next episode. Sometimes you’re in the dark, but I kind of like that.

Can you expand on that? How did you figure out your preferences for that part of it were?

I remember I could ask Sam like, “Am I lying here or am I telling the truth?” He would say, “Well, it doesn’t matter,” you know, wink, wink. It struck me that as an actor sometimes we tend to take so much responsibility for the character’s arc. “I have to be here when we start, and I want to be there when we finish,” but actually when you do a TV series it’s kind of nice just being in that world and letting all these brilliant writers and directors, and like let them just decide where it’s going to take you. If you do a movie you have to be more like, “Okay, I want to end up here. I want to be there in the middle,” and all that, but I found that it’s kind of nice sometimes being in the dark.

Was there one surprise or reveal that shocked you the most during the first season?

Yeah. At a table read at episode eight with the whole cast, when it’s revealed that Darlene is actually Elliot’s sister, that was like a “holy f—” moment around that table. I remember we talked after the table read because everyone was kind of shocked by it, and we talked about, “Wow, imagine that we’re responding like this when we read it, I wonder how people are going to react when they see it?”

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