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I’m so glad that Martin’s getting recognition for his performance in Mr. Robot!

Mr. Robot has been the most surprising series of the year, not only because of how gorgeously cinematic it is, but because of its authentically tech-oriented details, and how unexpected it is as a USA series. The narrative has been incredibly twisted and engaging, and even those who always guessed there might be some Fight Club-esque nature to Elliot (Rami Malek, a former TV Performer of the Week) and Mr. Robot’s (Christian Slater) relationship, the revelations — particularly regarding Darlene (Carly Chaikin) — have kept viewers on our toes.

The acting has been phenomenal across the board, but in “Mirroring,”Martin Wallström took things to a new level. His thwarted tech officer Tyrell Wellick is a man plagued with dark impulses. In an incredibly difficult scene in an early episode, we watched him pay a homeless man in order to beat him mercilessly. He first affected an air of power that seemed to suggest complete control, but that facade quickly faded. His can’t get a meeting with the boss, he’s overlooked for a promotion, and a scheme created with his robot-like wife Joanna (Stephanie Corneliussen) ended in murder.

As Tyrell, Wallström has been a kind of mirror to Elliot; different from Mr. Robot, definitely, but someone who understands him and his skills, shares his dark impulses (though to an extreme), and who can wear a haunted look like simply no other. Elliot is one of kind of crazy, but Tyrell is wholly another. He’s like Mad Men’s Pete Campbell meets Patrick Bateman. We’ve seen breaches of his veneer of calm before at the office, like when he lashed out and fired three men for chatting inanely, but it’s interesting that his boss clearly saw something unhinged in him as well — enough that he fired him over police suspicions of Sharon Knowles’ death. If he had truly believed Tyrell was innocent, would he have made that move?

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  1. hedi says:

    ME TOO! I’m so glad he is gettin the recognition he deserves! i also hope people would notice him and interview him! he’s like a shadow tbh!!

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