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October 25, 2017   Martin   No Comments

Martin is officially on Instagram! Follow him at itsmartinwallstrom. For his first post, he introduces us to Mr. Lobster. How cute!


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October 20, 2017   Episode Stills-Mr. Robot   No Comments

Tyrell is back next week! Check out the promo below and 1 high-quality still in our gallery.

hi. im tyrell wellick. former interim CTO of E Corp. ive been gone for a while. its time for an AMA!

October 13, 2017   Mr. Robot-Videos   No Comments

elliot is lit by his goal to ctrl+z five/nine. darlene meets rock + hard place. mr. robot sparks a panic.

October 13, 2017   Episode Stills-Mr. Robot-Screencaps   No Comments

Mr. Robot finally returned with an all-new (packed) episode last October 11th. Looking forward to seeing more of Tyrell and his involvement soon. I have added one high-quality still and high-resolution screencaps into the gallery!

September 14, 2017   Mr. Robot-TV Shows-Videos   No Comments

One more month of waiting until the return of Mr. Robot!