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November 26, 2017   Gallery-Mr. Robot-Screencaps-TV Shows   No Comments

I have updated the gallery with 72 high-resolution screencaps from the latest episode of Mr. Robot.

November 17, 2017   Mr. Robot-TV Shows-Videos   No Comments

mr. robot wants answers. price < whiterose. fbi closes in. knight time in the desert. angela hits the rewind button. a lot.

November 17, 2017   Gallery-Mr. Robot-Screencaps-TV Shows   No Comments

Mr. Robot didn’t give us time to breathe after last week’s groundbreaking episode! Check out high-resolution screencaps from the episode in our gallery.

November 16, 2017   Mr. Robot-TV Shows-Videos   No Comments

Last night, Martin joined the Mr. Robot Digital After Show hosted by The Verge. He appeared to discuss the latest episode, 3×06, so heads up if you haven’t watched it yet! The show’s co-producer and writer, Kor Ardana, was also there to talk about the episode.

November 10, 2017   Mr. Robot-TV Shows-Videos   No Comments

remember, remember, 29th of september. elliot faces off with mr. robot. dom grows tired of red tape but tries the ribs for escape. tyrell’s new plan wont be forgot.